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Maxi-Climb - Cross Trainer / Climber -chain drive


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Maxi-Climb offers the most comprehensive total body work-out available in a stand alone cardio machine.
Space Efficient
Maxi-Climb is like having two cardio pieces for the price of one. Combining both upper and lower body exercise in a functional climbing motion.
Time Efficient
Maxi-Climb burns more fat and calories in the same time than any other single cardio machine. The Maxi-Climb burns more than 4 times more calories in the same exercise time when compared to a treadmill, so the same out come can be achieved in significantly less time.
Length 125 cm
Width 120 cm
Height 235 cm
Warranty ? Maxim guarantees the integrity of the frames for the life of the machine, to the original purchaser. 2 years on componentry.

Electronic Display
High visibility read-outs, monitor Total Steps, Step?s per Minute, Distance, Energy and Time Duration
Ultra smooth Super II Belt drive (on 2008 club models ) and positive displacement hydraulic system delivers the smoothest action available on any climber in the world
Superior resistance control. Wide range, ultra smooth and vibration free.
Fully anti-corrosion treated.
Optional extras include foot straps and extended handles.


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